Acoustic mold 000 Model (’12 fret’)

000 model (’12 fret’) acoustic guitar molds

We offer the acoustic mold set for this very popular model

This is the 000 model where the 12th fret is the position where the neck meets the body. Please note that we also offer the OM / 000 ’14 fret’ model, with a slightly shorter body then the 12 fret version.

Note : this picture shows a DIFFERENT model, but the 000-12 fret model will be made the exact same way, we will make pictures the next time we make them.
Note that we do not-glue the layers together and in the picture the parts layed out losely on top of each other. But with out matching dowels, all will be perfectly aligned when glued.
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Prices :

  • Acoustic mold
    • 3 building layers (54mm high) (*)
    • 2 “pull clamps” for easy closing and opening your mold.
    • In birch plywood : 115 euro.
  • Optional : very nice spreader-blocks : +15 euro.
  • Full size outline or half outline body template (mdf, 12mm thick) :  20 euro.
  • LMI bending jig molds in birch plywood + four (4) matching “shoes” for the LMI bending jig and for the model of your choice : 85 euro.

(*) please note that we do not glue the layers. But there are big holes drilled to help you align everything while clamping.We supply the wooden dowels that fit exactly in these holes and take care that all will be perfectly aligned when you glue the layers together.

For the 000-model, we also have bending templates, birch plywood, that will fit your LMI bending jig :  







Example pictures of the pull clamp system, here you can also see the dowels placed :