Acoustic mold OLF – Small Jumbo

OLF Small Jumbo acoustic guitar mold set !

We offer the acoustic mold set for the OLF small Jumbo model


The pictures below show the “jigsaw” styler molds we used, but we switched to the new system (check our other acoustic mold pages) with the pull clamps. Please forgive us, we will make new pictures of the OLF small Jumbo set soon.

Prices :

  • “Acoustic building mold / 3 building layers (54mm high). please note that we do not glue the parts. But there are big holes to help you align everything while clamping.We include the exact fitting dowels and of course the pull clamps.
    • In birch plywood : 115 euro.
    • Optional : Spreader blocks, +15 euro.
  • full size outline or half outline body template (mdf, 12mm thick) :  20 euro.
  • LMI bending jig molds in birch plywood + four (4) matching “shoes” for the LMI bending jig and for the model of your choice : 85 euro.

This is the OLF-Small Jumbo :

acoustic mold acoustic molds moulds akoestische mallen

Here you see the complete set with the LMI bending machine mold as well

The “jigsaw” removable neck-part :

Some other example pictures of various molds :