LMI bending jig – custom guitar molds!

!! New !!

Although we are currently considering to make our own version of a side bending jig, we must be honest : LMI has a very nice bending jig for acoustic guitars. However, although they offer some universal guitar molds, we feel there should be more models available and/or more accurate to the model you are building and not just a universal ‘one-size-fits-many’ model. They offer ‘blanks’ to make your own, but this is very time consuming and the way they describe some parts of the production in the video, it is even a bit dangerous in our opinion (the routing of the inside channel). Last but not least, we offer birch plywood instead of the MDF that LMI uses.

So we are proud to say that we have LMI bending jig molds for every acoustic mold we offer on our website. Below are some pictures of the OLF-Small Jumbo guitar molds for the LMI jig !

OLF-SJ Small Jumbo guitar molds for the LMI bending jig

OLF-SJ Small Jumbo guitar molds for the LMI bending jig

And here is a picture of the Model 000 : the version where the neck and body meet at the 12th fret, we also have the OM / 14 fret version. In fact, we can make bending templates for all acoustic molds we offer.


Price :

  • LMI bending jig molds in very nice quality 18mm thick birch plywood + four (4) matching “shoes” for the LMI bending jig and for the model of your choice : 85 euro.

Contact us if you are interested.