Binding Jig

binding jig binding jig

The binding jig, Version 3.0

ONLY 119 EURO (98,35 euro ex VAT) !

This jig is for routing the binding chanels for guitars with a curved top or back. Can also be used for flat tops/backs of course.


  • made from 4mm aluminum : easy to drill the required holes for mounting your router. This can be any router.
  • 45mm very strong/stiff aluminum profile
  • 5 heavy duty roller bearings, easy adjustable, for even better sliding.
  • Thick M12 bolt will secure the binding jig to your workbench, keeping everything at 90 degrees.
  • Improved depth stop, no more tools required now.
  • The base plate now has a HDPE ring which is no bigger than needed : even in tight spots or heavy carved archtops, this will help even more (compared to the 2.0 version) to prevent “collision problems” from the carved top with the underside of the jig-baseplate.

routing binding slots with jig on carved curved guitar top

Binding jig 1.0

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