• Keeping a good balance between our fulltime job, our Templates and Jigs, and our private life is the is the number 1 priority for us
  • Therefor : We have decided to limit our side-business as a “1 day a week” business.

This means

  • We work on orders on friday
  • We ship orders on friday
  • When you place an order, you should be aware that it usually takes 2 weeks to make your order, maybe more depending on the number of orders.
  • We will try to estimate as good as possible when we can make your order and then you can decide if you want to proceed with the order
  • We only make what you see on our website. Custom orders take up to much time and would delay other orders and disappoint other clients. 
  • We don’t have the templates on stock. We manufacture everything in the sequence that the orders come in.
  • When you place an order, this means you have read and agree with the terms described in our disclaimer. :

This may sound very discouraging, but we hope you can understand and respect this. We do make very nice products though 😉 !


We accept

  1. Bank transfer. We will supply our IBAN / BIC bank account information when you order
  2. Paypal is accepted, although we prefer the bank transfer because paypal charges us 3.5%

So….Interested? Questions? Want to order? Simply send us an email. We will make your hobby even more fun!

Mail us at: