Please read our disclaimer first, before buying and using our templates :  

  • The templates are for personall use only, not for commercial purposes!
  • The templates are very acurate and make guitarbuilding easier and lets you concentrate on the fun part of guitar building : the guitar itself! However, you still need some basic woodworking skills and some knowledge of guitarbuilding. Special care has to be taken when calculating the position of the frets, the scale, and the placement of the bridge! If you are unsure, contact us for more info or for a list of good books that help you through the process.
  • To use the templates, you need a router with a flush trim router bit. See the tutorial on our website.
  • We do our best to make the templates as exact as the original models, but even the original models have differences over the years. So we can’t guarantee that templates are 100% accurate. We are always interested in improving the templates, if you have suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us. However, we cannot be held responsible for any “errors” or differences from our templates when compared to a guitar from a certain era : our templates are a set and will help a lot building a very nice guitar that looks as close as we can like the model of your choice. By ordering, you accept these terms. 
  • When using the body templates with an aftermarket guitarneck, you need to check the dimensions of your neck BEFORE routing the neckpocket : there are many suppliers of good guitar necks but we don’t control their manufacturing process so we can’t be held responsible for differences. It is possible that you may need to sand the neck a little or use our templates to make the neckpocket a little wider. If you use our necktemplates to make your own neck, you should be fine.
  • When using parts like bridges, tuners, pickguards, and other pre fabricated guitar parts, make sure to always test the fit the parts on the templates before routing/drilling or make other changes to your guitar. Also always measure if the bridge placement for your specific bridge matches the scale of your choice!
  • The templates are a set : you can’t for instance swap one neck template with one from another model. If you do so, you are responsible to check for scale, fretposition, bridge position, dimensions etcetera. When in doubt, ask us!