Radius dishes


Radius dishes go bar deck

Radius dishes

Custom made, you specify what radius you want and we will make it !

NEW : From now on, our birch plywood dishes will be made from 40mm (!!) instead of 36mm : when we saw the quality of the 40mm plates at our wood supplier, we knew we wanted this from now on. The 36mm was already great, the 40mm plates are superb. We don’t think anybody else sells radius dishes in this quality. Yes, it is more expensive, but it really is worth it (prices are at the bottom of this page). Please note that the picture above shows the ‘old’ 36mm plates.

Look at the nice quality of the 40mm thick birch plywood:

Options :

  • 40mm birch plywood
  • a radius of your choice on one side or 2 radiuses (don’t have to be the same of course) on both sides
  • 600mm diameter sanding paper P80 grid

 Use as “Go bar clamping system”

Problem : How to glue the rounded braces to a flat back / how to get the radius in the back

Solution : You would really want to push that back against the braces so that, when the glue is dry, the back will have the radius of those braces. Here is where our radius dishes come to the rescue : On the dish, you put the braces with glue on them. Above the dish you will need to have another plywood plate. Then you use strong flexible go-bars to push the braces down onto the back of the guitar. That will be pushed into the radius dish. Let it dry and remove everything : the back now has the radius of the radius dish

go bar clamping

Use as “Sanding disc”

Radius dishes can also be used to

1) sanding the braces into the desired readius. Can also be used to sand the bridge plate to match the carve of your soundboard

Simply use sanding paper (available at T&J !) to shape the braces into the desired radius.

sanding the braces

2) sand the sides and kerfed linings of your acoustic guitar into the same radius as the top (or back) of your guitar. You apply the sandpaper (also available!) to the disc and rotate the sanding disc manually over the sides of your guitar (without the top glued on). The sides and kerfed linings now have the same radius as the top, so there will be no gap between the top and the sides when gluing it.



  • Birch plywood, 40mm thick, very nice quality of 30 thin layers on 40mm
    • with a radius of your choice on 1 side : 75 euro
    • with a radius of your choice on both sides (so 2 different radiuses) : 115 euro

Interested? Contact us at: info@TemplatesAndJigs.com !