John Backlund models

It makes us very proud to say we are now authorized to make templates of 3 designs of the incredible designer John Backlund! Now how cool is that !

Note that these templates are authorized for personal use only (as is the case with all our templates unless stated otherwise)

The first of  the John Backlund models : The “not-of-this-world” Marz-6 !

John Backlund models Marz-6

(You can see more pictures of the Marz-6 finished guitar in our ‘
Others‘ menu )

The second model : The surf-o-tastic Katalina !

John Backlund models Katalina templates

(please see more pictures of the Katalina finished guitar in our ‘Others‘ menu )

The third model : The incredible Neptoon 1500 !

John Backlund models Neptoon

(please see more pictures of the Neptoon 1500 finished guitar in our ‘Others‘ menu)

All Backlund templates are 45 euro per model/set, excluding handling/shipping