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MM Stingray bass 5 string


The following models are available (please note that all templates are for personall use only, not for commercial purposes! Read our disclaimer for more info):
All template sets: 45 €  excluding shipping and handling

Model Number of body templates neck template control cavity cover(s) fretboard template pickguard template picture
MM Stingray bass 4 string 2 Yes Yes Yes  20151022_120155_resized
MM Stingray bass 5 string 2 Yes Yes Yes  20160331_115752_resized
PRS Custom 22 3 Yes Yes Yes Other model template PRS
Ibanez DN500 3 Yes Yes Ibanez DN500
Ibanez Jem 4 (!) Yes Ibanez JEM
Hamer Sunburst 3 Yes Yes No  Hamer sunburst
Bigsby 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Bigsby
Suhr Modern 25.5” / 24 fret 2 + tremolo Yes Yes  Suhr Modern 1
Blackmachine 6-string : 25.5 inch scale 2 Yes Yes Yes 20160222_163914_resized_1
Blackmachine 7-string : 26.5 inch scale 2 Yes Yes Yes  20160608_190513_resized
“ TELEMASTER” : jazzmaster outline with telecaster routing. 2 Yes Yes  Telemaster
“ TelePaul JR” : Les Paul Jr outline with Telecaster routing and tele neck 2 Yes  Tele Jr - 1
“ TELE SG” : Gibson SG outline with telecaster routing In progres…
TinyCaster (Telecaster, 75% size, short or normal scale, great fun for adults (travel guitar?)  or children) 2 (1 short-scale and 1 normal scale) Yes, TWO: 1 full scale and 1 440mm scale. Yes  Tinycaster
ESP Explorer 3 Yes Other model ESP explorer

Other model templates are €45 per model/set, excluding shipping/handling

exception: TinyCaster model: 35 €

Interested? Contact us at: info@TemplatesAndJigs.com for your order and shippingdetails!